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May 21, 2015     Stillwater Journal
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May 21, 2015

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THE STILLWATER JOURNAL, Thursday, May 21, 2015 - s3 I woke up this morning to go for a swim; the fog was lying in the low spots and visibility was extremely limited at times. More than once I had to cross multiple lanes of traffic with a prayer under my breath for many drivers refused to turn on their headlights! I was flashing them, hoping just one might have been unaware of the hazard they were creating, but unfortunately none of the drivers responded by turning on their lights This sent me into rant mode, venting to my fellow swimmers who had encountered the same problem as I. Any who watch Channel 4 news has probably seen the piece where callers can either leave a rant or a rave; some- times the topic is specified, others times it is not. Headlights are not only about you seeing, they are also about others seeing youI I know I&apos;ve written before about this and the hour before the sun sets; you may see just fine, but can other drivers (whose vision may be less than perfect) see you? Another button got pushed and it reminded me of the story of"The Little Red Hen" by Joseph Jacobs. You may remember it from childhood if you are older than 40. I am not sure parents read these classics to their youngsters and discuss their implications; each generation seems to poo- poo the techniques and moral codes taught by their parents, re-inventing the wheel so-to-speak when they begin to teach their own kids. "The little red hen may have been little, but she was the most active resident of the farm. When she wash 't laying eggs, she spent her time clucking and walking about the barn, pecking at the seeds on the ground, or gathering up COUNTY twigs and hay to make her nest She kept everything in the barn tidy and clean. One day, while she was pecking at the ground, she dis- covered some leftover wheat grains that the farmer had left behind She knew that the wheat could be planted, and then made into delicious fresh bread " The story continues through the process of planting, har- vesting and milling the wheat/flour and throughout it the little red hen asks for help from the pig, cat and duck--all had "busy" excuses to get out of helping. In each case the hen worked, rested and completed the task alone. "So she made the flour into a loaf of bread, and put it into the oven. Then, she sat and rested Soon, as the bread become hot and soft, the air filled with the sweet smell of freshly baked bread The pig and the cat and the duck all came running into the big red barn", in short, to share in eating the fresh bread. "Cluck cluck, well, '" said the hen, "Did you help me plant the wheat, and did you help me harvest the wheat, and did you help me mill the wheat, and did you help me bake the bread?" The other animals all shook their heads no. "Then I will eat the bread myself" said the little red hen. And she did." Moral of this story: you get to share in what you work for! There is no discussion on why Hen owed a portion of the bread to the other animals; she offered on more than one occasion to include them, but circumstances, real and imagined kept all from helping. Parents, employers, teachers I challenge you to forego the youth's approval and instill some reality into their world. So often I hear employers complain of the work ethic of the up and able generation; we/you are the ones who can train them in the responsibilities associated with mere living. We are not islands, nor does the world center on our com- fort and calendar. I'll write more on this in weeks to come. Continued from Page $1 raises to employees paid out of cash accounts. The Budget Board approves per- sounel actions if the person is or will be paid from the county general fund. In other matters, the CommiSsioners voted 2-1 in favor of a resolution amendment for the transfer of quarterly payments to the new jail salary account. Bradley voted against the resolution. Reding said the new account was set up to meet require- ment from the State Audi- tor and Inspector's office. "Last year we passed a resolution because we were having difficulty getting quarterly payments to the jail operations," Reding said. "It turned out it wasn't a good account because it was a cash account and not a general fund account. Some new accounts were created a few weeks ago for the sheriff's office. With cash accounts the money goes back in and doesn't get turned over so it can sit there for a long time. It basically COUNCIL Continued from Page $1 for the city." Hurst said Stillwater has had three female mayors. She said Christine Salmon served as a council member from 1977 to 1982 and as mayor from April 1982 to April 1985. Mike Henson was the second female mayor serv- ing from 1988 to 1991 and 1997 to 2000. She also changing it an account that the auditors liked better. There is less opportunity for abuse." Bradley said he felt there was too much money being transferred to the jail account that was not needed. The Commissioners served on the city council from 1986 to 1988. Noble was elected as the city's third female mayor last month. She previously served on the city council from 2013-2015. Noble said she is honored to be the city's third female mayor, but says she doesn't want to be measured by her gender. "I don't really think about gender that often," Noble said. "It is an honor to be the third woman mayor but I want to be measured for my skills and not my gender. I ran because I wanted to make a difference." E arlier this month a also approved a $15,000 work order with Mehlburg- er-Brawley for engineering work for round-about inter- sections at 80th and Western and 68th and Westem Road. "It will take some adjust- ment but it will be safer for the area and safer for the county," Bradley said. diverse group of male and female residents applied to fill Noble's vacant council seat before Zannotti was selected. During that process Noble praised the group's passion and commitment to helping Stillwater the best place it can be. "That says something about Stillwater which is a progressive place where people can step forward and make a decision," Noble said. "It was so impressive to see them do this. I hope I can find a spot for everyone. We have a diverse group stepping forward and I love that." 000000Business Products "ndc, iS a i thiru tFtt tkes a BIG differ" Supplies New & Used 01ce FYzrniture Copter, S<des & Servtce Lease & Rentals 113 W. 9TH -Stillwater, OK Ph: 405-372-3882 At Edward Jones, the size of your investment portfolio does not dictate how we treat you. It's your personal needs and preferences that are at the center of our relationship. 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The high winds had blown the baskets off the shelves on the porch. The yard was littered with ghostly objects. Wednesday will be David Letterman's last show after 22 years. The huge ice ledge is breaking off in Antarctica. In Waco there is the motorcycle gang turf war going on between the Bandidos and the Cossacks. Some have died. about 170 jailed. They have called in reinforcements. In the Amtrak train disaster, it was found that an object hit the windshield of the train, not a bullet. Iraqis fight to regain control of Ramadi again. I sat on the porch sipping peach tea with Jesus and the world on my heart. It was a Sherlock Holmes kind of morning....the kind of moment mystery writers love. I had been reading in the Bible about the Red Sea parting and 40 years in the wilderness (we do seem to be slow learners.) There were the plagues, blood turned into water and the death of first borns. Taxed to death, imprisoned, tOrtured people and iowerful, corrupt rulers. Wait a minute. Are we still back in history? Have we replaced the Roman troops marching across the desert holding spears and shields with armored vests and night goggles? In the region where Ramadi has been taken, up to 25,000 people flee from ISIS. The retreating Iranian military forces had to leave behind'U.S, supplies and arms. There seems to be eternal war in this area of the world. It is 5 am on Tuesday and 59 degrees. The early morning sky is grayish. Clouds hidden and only a few faint slivers of color. I am drinking in the early morning sky along with English tea. It is still out here and quiet. A restless night with my right leg in pain. The trash is out. I have not seen the moon the last two nights. I was humming America the Beautiful and My God is an Awesome GOd. I had watched a video of Josh Groban singing, Bring HiM Home. Memorial Day is when we honor the fallen of our nation. Those who have given their lives that we may live in Freedom. Parents' and, families' tears flow as memories of other Memorial Days come to mind. The mists of time stream by as history seems to make another circle. American blood stains foreign shores and now in America ISIS has groups ready for terrorist attacks. Why did all those soldiers fall in battle? What is our hope? Some times we do not learn the lessons of life. We are often afraid to express our views as Christians. The values of the American family is severely strained. The court system is over loaded with cases. When I see children with a heart like His; I weep for the sheer innocent joy in their lives. God has a plan and it is not for war, hatred or domination of any nation. As I sat at the computer finishing the story; I thought about God's promises. On my desk is the plaque that says: I will never leave you nor forsake you. Joshua 1:5. I read that any time I sit down to write at the computer. We are meant to be instruments of His peace. The greatest gift was Jesus for our Salvation. Is it any less true today? Was the death and Resurrection for nothing? In a song are the words....Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that Name. The God who spoke into being the earth, hung the stars, filled the oceans, and built the mountains can still change the heart of man. We are all made in His image. Stillwater Plumbing Co, Inc Renewing our committncm to better plumbing service to the Stillwater and surrounding Payne County m-ea. For prompt and quality rvice call us at: 405 - 385-1397 or 405- 742-7t)43 The Problem Fixers We know Plumbing We Know Payne Count)' *#!! DON'T CUSS-CALL US *#It ....... , ,, ................................. .... ...........