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October 14, 2010     Stillwater Journal
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October 14, 2010

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S4 - THE STILLWATER JOURNAL, Thursday, October 14, 2010 Opinions , t----= 3 .... : : 00o=The E00tor Replace Them SQ 744 supporters propose paying for it by eliminating tax exemptions, waste- ful spending and political perks. If legislators had the political will and public ser- vice attitude to do that, SQ 7214 would not be needed. If the politicians at any level of government do not have the Hill to change their attitude and behavior, then the only Ring we can do is replace them. J.L. White Stiltwater judge and Jury Fm sorry, I need more than "Wedon't like the mayor, so h e . must be guilty of some- ttg." Those who don't like Mayor Bates have been searching intently for a year and a half for something to hajag him on, and all they've come up with is a rinky-dink computer crime violation. Anyone can be guilty of the exact same felony computer crime by logging on to the Stitlwater Library's com- puters using someone else's library card. They would have exceeded their author- use the computer AND they would have modified th e computer by the mere act of logging on. This is the very definition of a frivolous legal action. Is the taxpayer paying for this persecution -,oops - prosecution? A newspaper, a city coun- cLlor, and a number of letter writers have alleged that Nathan Bates' character is bad. They site as proof all the unproved allegations on the recall petition, and all the v!le imaginations surround- ing a business that would greatly improve Stillwater's downtown. This is my observation q,(Nathan Bates' character. The military did him quite well. I see the discipline and preparedness the mili- tary demands. Nathan is intelligent, ambitious, and perhaps just a tad idealistic to ph/n a million dollar project financed with other people's money - which, of course, means he will probably end Up fabulously wealthy and famous. It also means he is a threat to the powers that be, who don't like him. David Lingelbach Stiilwater Drinking the Ink Just as the paper drinks the ink that is printed on it, so the reader's mind drinks in the words presented. In the October 10th Stillwater NewsPress, Daniel Wilson shows how the unknowing can propagate a conspiracy and not even know he's doing it. In his quarter page column "WHY?", on the EDITORS page, he further convicts the mayor of his evil deeds five days before the young man has to go to court. The NewsPress is eager to print this slander because it further ;alidates the long running conspiracy against the mayor that they have been very much a part of. "Why?" are they and Dubious Dan trying to taint the Jury pool? Truth is, they know exactly what they are doing and it has nothing to do with fairness or jour- nalism. It is pure political machine against the young mayor. That incident at the lake was an unfortunate encoun- ter with drunks and it still haunts the mayor and it shouldn't. Why hasn't the NewsPress ever published the other anonymous letter about who perpetrated the original conspiracy against the mayor? Why where there never any charges filed against the mayor in all of those accusations. Without charges filed, they were just gossip. When the NewsPress published the gossip, it gave validity that was unearned at the expense of their own journalistic credibility. There were no signatures on the petition, nor would anyone admit to writing it. The other anonymous letter said it was the city govern- ment who inked the original petition. It was not a valid "initiative of the people", but a conspiracy of the gov- ernment against an elected official. We don't want to believe that our elected officials are that devious, but the closer you look at their spending habits, taxa- tion, Utility rates, and how they conduct the city busi- ness, the more you realize they are not the fair-minded upstanding citizens they claim to be. Perhaps Mayor Nathan Bates is evil reincarnated. I don't know him well enough to judge him and that is not my job anyway. It's not for the NewsPress g in the Now, Preparing for the Future For many of us, our goats n life remain constant: financial . independence and providing for family. Striking a balance between 'i saving for such goals as education and retirement and allocating .''?ffioney for daily exoenses can be challenging, but you can do it. Learn how you can redefine your savings approach toward education and retirement. Call or visit today. Ja, r, Judy Hull 1417 S Western Sllllwater, OK 74074 (405) 377-1990 Matt Hull 1417 S Western Stillwater, OK 74074 (405) 377-1990 Steve Norman 424 S, Lewis Stillwatet. OK 74075 (405) 372-7437 Patrlcla Huffman 1120 N, Duck, Ste. J Stillw&teL OK 74075 (405) 780-7238 HWal'd Jones 1 Judy 8tovleon 4721 W. 61tl. ale, 150 Sllllweter, OK 74074 (405} 372-8472 ,/ Member SIPC i I ] or Daniel Wilson either. While our City Manager and his council spends our city toward bankruptcy, increas- ing taxes and utilities, with bloated government, large staff paychecks and all, the attention of concerned citi- zens are focused on gossip and the evil mayor. It's a great distraction from the tough decisions that need to be made and the real news rarely appears in ink. Thank you Stillwater Journal for printing the other side of the story. Dennis Gronquist Stillwater Champion For Home Businesses In a dramatic presentation to the City Council 10 days ago Elves Pennington of Stillwater delivered the fol- lowing remarks about Ordi- nance 3112 which was the subject of the business meet- ing. His remarks show how 3112 outlaws most home based businesses includ- ing some music teachers, Avon, tupperware parties, and Amway dealers. "What happened to the Home Based Business Ordi- nance? There were a lot of hours spent by citizens and City staff to draft a work- able ordinance. Time has created a need for updating it but not to eliminating it as has been done. This is an opportunity for this Council to fix an error created by a previous council. Here are the antibusiness aspects of this poorly worded Ordi- nance known as 3112 which replaced the Home Based Business Ordinance: 1. Outlaws employees: This prevents accountants, realtors, engi- neers and trade contractors from having secretaries, bookkeepers or assistants. This was a request when the previous ordinance was written. 2. Outlaws retail sales: This puts all mutilevel mar- keting, crafters, small engine repair shops and others in violation of the ordinance. 3. Sets Vehicular traf- fic limits: Limiting to 10 vehicle visits per day could easily put music teachers at odds with the ordinance if they offer class lessons. 4. Replaces Previous ordinance (the Home Based Business Ordinance which was replaced by 3112) addressed the sign issue so that the business could be located but not obvious. 5. Sets Unreasonable Garage Sale Limits: Limit- ing to three per year are questionable, especially in this economic environment. I understand not wanting 7 COUNTY Continued from Page $1 recommended that all commissioners in the state consider passing the same resolution. "It's not fair for elected officials to get a raise when our employees don't," she said. The matter was then taken to the Payne County Budget Board, a body comprised of elected officers and depart- ment heads, where the reso- lution also passed. Court Clerk Lisa Lambert said ACCO's county gov- ernment legislative council would be working with the Attorney General to clarify the legislation. At the same meeting, Elec- tion Secretary Glenna Craig asked the Budget Board to consider paying her an addi- tional stipend from county funds which wouldn't be reimbursed by the state. The state currently reim- burses up to 135 percent of the Election Secretary's base salary as determined by the number of registered voters in the county. Craig is paid $37,639 according to the pay sched- ule adopted by the legisla- ture in 2007. Citing an opinion provided by the District Attorney in 2000, that the Election Secretary is an appointed County Officer, Craig asked the Budget Board to autho- rize an additional stipend GREEN Continued from Page $1 of embalmed bodies, citing concern about toxic chemicals leaching into the soil. Bernhardt said the amount of chemicals that would leach into the soil is so minimal that it shouldn't be a concern. The differences might save a bit of money but that isn't the reason most choose green burial, he said. "It's not designed as a means of saving money but to be more aesthetically pleasing," he said. day per week yard sales. But consider those have more than 3 garage sales per year. I know of se)eral who are on disability and this is their only source of additional income. I know of one family of 8 that has a child with a severe medical condition. This is one source of funds to take their child for needed treatment." Vice Mayor Hopkins praised Mr. Pennington for the above presentation, and was the hero of the evening when he promised to have the ordinance reformed. Stillwater is counting on Hopkins getting it done. Sidney Williams MD Stillwater HOME IMPROVEMENT, INC that would bring her pay in line with the $58,428 paid to elected county officers. Craig said she is a county officer who has worked for the county for 23 years but other employees make more than she does. Under-Sheriff- $52,586 County Deputies, Super- intendents, Expo Center Manager - $45,286 Emergency Management Director- $42,686 First Deputies -$38,654 Second Deputies $38,101 She cited a measure in SB 1910 that states counties are allowed to pay an additional sum as long as it isn't con- sidered part of the Election Secretary's salary. Craig said the additional pay wouldn't increase her retirement because it isn't salary. She also pointed out that she doesrl't receive the same retirement and travel reimbursement that elected officers do. "Other employees have gotten increases and longev- increased her work load. She pointed out that she works nights and we,ek- ends, lugging heavy voting machines and supervising over 30 precincts. Several officers aslked if she planned to keep her office open until 5:00 p.m. as other county offices are and observe county holidays and inclement weather poli- cies if she is compensated like a county officer. "I remember we've had this conversation in the past and you've said you were a state employee," Lambert said. "I am a county officer," Craig said. Hesser said she would like a more recent opinion from the District Attorney. The 2000 opinion Craig referred to was requested by former County Clerk Sherri Schieffer to clarify whether Craig should receive vaca- tion and sick leave from the county. Assistant District Attorney Charles Rogers determined that the Election Secretary is ity but I've been in the same an appointed county officer place for several years," she said. "In 2000, county offi- cers made $36,000 but I'm still at the same level." "Your responsibilities are so much less," Hesser said. Craig said because cities and counties are more dependent on sales tax, she is holding elections almost monthly now, which has but not a county employee and not eligible for leave benefits under County per- sonnel policy. The board decided to consider the matter further and hold a special meet- ing later to approve budget adjustments. "This has been coming for a long time," Lambert said. Bernhardt said people who will be operated by a non- choose green burial generally profit corporation, it will be want to return to the earth. The Payne County Com- mission held a public hearing about Bernhardt's application on October 11. Those in attendance asked about maintenance and the possibility Payne County could be saddled with it. Commissioner Gloria Hesser said the land won't be maintained like a regular cemetery. Because Green Haven AGENDA Continued fromPage $1 Application to establish Green Haven Cemetery - tabled "Country Bridge and Road Improvement fund reimburse- ment -$77,362 Resolutions Reducing county elected official salary to maintain same level of compensation in spite of liB 2573 as rec- ommended by Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma- approved 3-0 Reimbursement for County Assessor's office - $65 to general fund, $65 to reval - approved 3-0 Purchase of tractor from sales tax funds-for mowing roadsides, cost $36,000 Report September Alcoholic Bever- age Tax - $13,149 Purchase Orders $72,114 FY 2009/2010 exempt from state law requir- ing money to be put in trust for perpetual maintenance she said. .: Others asked if a plat would have to be filed with the county, as required for other cemeteries. Because Bernhardt was out of town, the commissioners opted to delay making a deci- sion until October 18, when he will be in attendance and able to answer questions. o$193,108 FY 2010/2011 Including: o$10,000 Treasurer's Office postage $32,399 Yale FD brush unit $15,265 kiln dust $50,000 Railroad Yard pro- fessional services/crane $9,347 Sheriff-43 bunks $10,786 Sheriff inmate health care TEEN Continued from Page $1 unlocked vehicle parked at the Homestead Apartments on W. 4th Street in April, court records show. Reed also admitted in court Friday that he had stolen several boxes of a cough medicine from May's Drug Store on June 9 --when he was arrested and jailed by Stillwater Police Sgt. Rodger Wall, court records show. Oklahoma Deserves Better. In 1997, then Re p. Lloyd ;. "  Fields was ordered to pay ' , $28,000 for nine years of 1 -, unpaid child support. Fields" /:  i "Deadbeat Bad" defense All was that "he makes little money, if any, as a plumber."*ql' Business Productsl "Seralce is a little rhino thai mildie,s it BXO dffferenoe" 113 W. 9th Stthamr. OK 501 E. Mm'n Cushing, OK Ph: 405.372.38a2 AII. Ph: e18.225-778a 80tb255-?079 4ufflodzed Dea/er 8011472-9931 Fax: 406-372,,,3893 Fax; 918-225-7775